You focus on running your business, let us worry about customers finding you online

H​​​​ead Nerd

Whatever business you run, you took the time, energy and learned the skills needed to make it a success. The last thing you need to be doing is spending time learning an entire new industry to keep up with the modern marketing trends. The days of "Ad Men" sitting around in a smoke filled room are long gone. To reach new customers and perhaps more importantly to retain current ones in this global economy, your online presence can make all the difference.


Click any of the images above to learn more about that particular service. If you have a need for something not listed above, reach out via the form at the bottom of the page. We really are a full service agency but the above four seem to be the high demand items right now. 

Who is this guy?

I know, you're wondering who that handsome guys in the image to the left. Well that's me, OK to be more precise it's my mascot. I settled on this deep thinker as my mascot when it became apparent to me that it's pretty much what everyone assumes "their" computer support guy is going to look like. 

Of course these things are always stereotypes aren't they? But often times for good reason :-)

More About Us!

If for some reason you really want to know the long and boring road we took to become Gold Medal Consultants, please feel free to click below. I have to warn you it's not very exciting but I know people often like to have a better feel for the people they are working with. Not to mention entrusting their hard earned business reputation.



Jay was awesome to work with! He knows his stuff, works hard and offers solutions when problems arise. Will definitely be using him again!

 Jane C. 


I'm one of "those" customers. I know how I want things to look, but never sure if it's possible. Jay knows his stuff and made my vision reality.



Never have time to get at my webpage. I know it matters and having it has proven it. Thanks to Jay for the Kick in the butt I needed to have this done.