Update your site

There’s a lot more to a successful web design than an eye-catching logo and sleek appearance. Not only do you want your site to look good, but you want it to be easy to navigate, work well, and bring in sales.

Though your painfully outdated design or 10+ second site load time may make it very obvious that a website redesign is long overdue, there’s also a chance you may not be able to tell if your site needs to be revamped just by looking at it.

If you’re unsure, read through this list of 10 signs that your website needs to go.

Since January 2015, smartphone web traffic has seen a 68 percent increase in the U.S. This means your site should be easy to view and navigate on both desktop and mobile. The easiest way to do that is with a responsive website. This kind of site adjusts content to fit on a variety of screen sizes.

What’s even more important than leads? Conversions. If your site is ranking well and bringing in a ton of leads, that’s great—but only if those leads are converting.

If you’re seeing a higher bounce rate, a lower number of average pages per visits, or simply fewer conversions, users likely don’t find your site helpful. A website redesign project with potential customers’ goals in mind could be beneficial to your site.

The easiest way to update content on your site is with a content management system. These systems give you all the control over your site’s content and your users’ experience when they visit it. Redesigning your website with a CMS in place can make a world of difference.