You made the investment and took the time & energy to make your business a success. You don’t need or want to learn a entirely new skill set  to design your website and to keep up with the modern marketing trends to take it to the next level. Let me help.

Website Design

It has become essential for businesses to create a presence online. Your website is an extension of your business flyer or business card, easily accessible by potential and existing customers. It doesn’t need to an expensive and time consuming exercise.

It’s not unusual for a client to come to us with an idea in their head of exactly what they want and how they want it to look, others have no idea and need to be walked through the entire process. We are happy to work either way, we have lots of idea and experience we are willing to share, or just be the technician putting the pieces together.

We have also helped a lot of firms over the years develop a clear approach to how they want their brand to be represented online. This includes not only the logo and colors of their site but also “look & feel” it’s an intangible skill that we have finally honed over time.

If you have the best product or service in the world, it doesn’t matter if nobody hears about it. Nothing worse than building a brand new site but having no visitors. The old days of using a couple of keywords and old style SEO are long gone. Now content is king, but the right content in the right places. We know how to make that happen.

If needed or preferred we can go old school and build your site from scratch. Using JS, CSS, or any other tool or language you desire. This provides a completely personal experience and unique look. But it also is the most time consuming and costly due to the complexity of the task.

There are literally 1,000’s of pre-made templates out there. If you have found one you have your heart set on we can duplicate the look and feel for you,  or just set up and configure the actual template if you’ve already purchased it. We can also build using layouts, drop us a line to discuss your options.

Unlike many site builders once the job is done and the site is live, we will have little or as much input going forward as you prefer. Some clients like to be hands on once the site is delivered, others want a completely hands off experience, either way we will make it work for you.

Website Development

There is a lot more to building a website that than pretty pictures and colors. The words you use reflect who you are as a company. The style you put out tells people more about you than might imagine. Far too often these days people try the “easy” online website builders first. Only to realize a DIY website is rarely one they will be comfortable with being the online face of their company.

About Me

Hello! I’m Jay. I’ve Been Building Websites for 14 Years

But I do and have done a lot more than just build websites. Once Facebook became a thing and the iPhone seemed to take over the world I got a lot more deeply involved in building out people’s online visions. I have built networks, servers, workstations, ran cable, basically if it has to do with computers I have done it over the last 26 years. Yeah I remember dial up modems and a time when we thought 56K modems were fast. I watched the computer world grow and I’ve changed along with it. Some of the programming languages I’ve used aren’t even used anymore. It’s OK they were pretty clunky and hard to work with, modern tools like CSS make the world a much better place for Web Developers.

“Jay knows his stuff and is ready to solve any problem if they arise. Was impressed with his knowledge and skill, will work with him again for sure.”

“Jay is a lifesaver, I knew in my head what I was looking for and it’s like Jay was able to reach in and pull out the exact look and feel I wanted. I’m sure we’ll work together again.”

“I feel like Jay is my personal web designer sometimes. We’ve worked on a number of projects and I’m always amazed at how quickly he gets it done and done right.”