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As a general rule I like to keep a few of my more recent projects up on this page. Do keep in mind that for the most part I choose what to showcase based on a number of factors, I don’t put much stock in how “pretty” a page looks as anyone can do that. I like to showcase pages that are unique in some way. This means at first blush you might see a page and think “oh well, no big deal”, but once you learn the inner workings of what is being done I hope that will change to “Oh wow”…. 


Painter Website Redesign

This was a fun site to redesign. In order to stand out and give the clients something to tangibly represent what they offer. I used a slider on the main page, everyone uses those these days I hear you say. This one has a twist, each image of a home comes up in black and white, then changes to color, before moving to the next slide. Allowing the client to see the dramatic difference fresh color can bring to their home. The rest of the site is very bold and colorful as well, we’ve received many compliments about it. 

Amazon Reseller Website

Visiting this site you will not grasp the complexity of building it. It looks almost basic, but the inner workings of the site took months to perfect. WP was never designed to be an E-commerce site and as such it’s “user” accounts have little depth to them. In this site we have both members selling and buying products. Which meant TWO completely different user types at the top level. Then the sellers had multiple levels as well, we have free sellers trial accounts and then full members and upgraded members and each account has the ability to not only post products for sale but to offer them with coupons and timed special features. This is one of my proudest moments as a designer.  

Recruiting Site Redesign

This site was a request that I don’t often get these days. The owner of the site didn’t want a ton of pages and all sorts of bells and whistles. They wanted a very clean single page that gave the high points of their services. On most sites the main menu points to secondary pages, but on this site each option points to anchor text on the same page. Clicking them just slides you down to the appropriate section. We have since added a link to a blog but it’s not being used heavily right now, it’s more something for the future. It’s a very clean and super fast loading site, good graphics, in fact it’s a design that a lot of companies could use to take away some of the clutter they currently have on their sites. Have a look

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